Barclay Engineering is a New Zealand owned forged and machined products manufacturer.


A wide variety of materials are worked including brass, DR (Dezincification Resistant) brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic. Barclay Engineering began operations in 1950 manufacturing camping stretchers and chairs and expanded over time to be able to carry out its own forging work and other complex engineering processes. Barclay Engineering also offers development, custom runs and problem solving skills to clients.


Barclay Engineering products and components are found in the plumbing, engineering, gas, electrical, glass, dairy, marine, electronic and processing industries to name a few. This encompasses everything from plumbing fittings to specials nuts and bolts to tools to machined plastic components.

Barclay Engineering is proud to have employed New Zealanders for over 50 years and to have been part of the innovation that has taken place. Barclay Engineering believes in quality and is a member of Standards New Zealand and is a Standards Australia Licence Holder for AS 3688


For local manufacturing engineering contact Barclay Engineering.

Arthur Barclay
Arthur Barclay

Managing Director of Barclay Engineering.


Keen fishing man and an eye for detail on every job. 


Has over 50 years experience in local production and manufacturing of all types of Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminium plumbing and electrical fittings.


View the complete range of products or contact Arthur directly for advice on your next project.  


Don Morgan
Don Morgan

Don as been Arthur's right hand man for many years and has 30 years in the game and a wide understanding of all the production requirements. (More to come here)

Forging stainless steel