Brass Dezincification formally known as DR is the official Brass requirement for all Plumbing fitting sold in Australia and is starting to be recognized for its qualities in  N.Z Plumbing circles 2-3 of the major Companies will only handle D.R. brass
even if it is slightly dearer.  


 The Alloy is as follows 486(SMH) Copper 60.75%  Lead 2% Tin 1% Arsenic 0.15% Zinc36.10%
Barclay Engineering is attempting to use D.R. material in all our Plumbing fittings and under seawater conditions is found very satisfactory.

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    runescape_buyer (Tuesday, 29 June 2010 04:50)

    I think that DR brass is well suited for the marine environment as well as for use in under ground applications.

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    Arthur Barclay (Tuesday, 29 June 2010 20:04)

    Yes we have found this to be a top quality product and many long production projects coming via CHINA don't seem to have this process included which is something we can do at BEL.

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